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I don't know where it came from. Maybe it was predestined. A calling? But ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be an actress.


First, though, to whet the performing appetite... I got into dancing as a pre-teen. It snowballed quickly into a professional career - and taught me how to be comfortable in my own skin and truly express myself.


My acting bug finally got its chance to crawl when I went to a Performing Arts High School in Los Angeles! It was thrilling to finally begin my journey as an actor by participating in live theatrical productions. With my mom's blessing and unwavering support, I immediately jumped into the acting biz after my high school graduation. Thanks, mom!


On only my second professional audition, I beat out thousands of actresses (after 7 callbacks) and eventually wound up going to network as a lead on WB's Unhappily Ever After.  While I didn't land that role, I was honored to be invited to guest star in the pilot episode - playing opposite series regulars Kevin Connolly & Nikki Cox. I was thankful to recur on Unhappily for three years, in over 30 episodes!


While working (and getting camera educated) on Unhappily Ever After, I was finding my way in the business. My resumé began to grow at a dizzying pace... booking numerous national commercials/voice-overs, guest/recurring spots,TV movies, and feature films. I'm so grateful to have worked with the most inspiring acting talent in the industry. Learning on set from some of the very best, like (alphabetical order, please): Ellen Barkin, Wayne Brady, Tom Cavanagh, Richard Dreyfuss, Nora Ephron, Mike Farrell, Kelsey Grammer, Jon Hamm, Angie Harmon, Patricia Heaton, Eric McCormack, Jeremy Piven, Burt Reynolds, Betty White, and many more. :)

Whether you see it as fate, serendipity, destiny, or some higher spiritual power... it's all providence to me. My next long running gig, was for NBC's Providence. I auditioned as a guest star in its first season. The producers and fans promptly fell in love with my performance as Heather Tupperman and I found myself as a series regular for 5 years on this award winning (and audience favorite) hit show.


Other fun highlights include:


  • FOX pilot, New Car Smell - starring opposite Brooke Shields & directed by David Schwimmer.

  • Perception, recurring, starring opposite Rachel Leigh Cook

  • American Horror Story, guest star, directed by Angela Bassett 

As I continue to live my childhood dream by working as an actor, I feel so fortunate to now share my expertise with actors of all levels. It makes my day (in ways I can't even articulate!) giving artists the tools they need for badass auditions and confidence. Not a moment goes by where I don’t count my blessings!



*I provide complementary Skype consultations before meeting with you for the first time.  

                 Want to win the room?

                              One-on-one coaching for:

 A specific audition perfecting your sides
 Perfecting a scene or monologue for a workshop/meeting with  agents ​

 Preparing material for getting into play production



                 Dana Daurey’s Acting Boot Camp


                               Public Speaking 

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Don’t have time to coach in person?

If you live out-of-town, or are shooting on location, I provide coaching over Skype for the same rates.

What is your pricing?

One-On-One Coaching Sessions:

1) 60 minutes for $125


Silver Package

Payment upfront for 5 hours of coaching

Original price: $625
Discount Price: $500

Receive $125 off

No Refunds

Gold Package

Payment upfront for 10 hours of coaching

Original price: $1,250
Discount price: $1,000

Receive $250 off 

No Refunds

*For each new client you refer, receive $20 off your session 



Ghost Rider, CSI: Miami, Empire Records

Some people say funny things, and some people say things in a funny way. Dana can do both. She is a unique talent and anyone could benefit from working with her. I know I have.


Girlfriends, CSI: NY, West Wing

Thank you, Dana, for your insight into the audition process! I always find that the most valuable information comes from a person who's actually walked the walk. That is the case with you. You are a working actress who gave me auditioning gems (I didn't know --- after a decade auditioning), and helped me create unique choices. Working with you gave me the confidence to go full force with my performance, knowing that my choices were original, helping me to shine in the room. I look forward to working with you again.


The Victim, Dark Angel, Friends 'Til the End

I have coached with Dana on many projects and auditions. I find her to come up with solutions VERY quick. For me it would have taken hours to get to the place she can get to right away with strong distinct choices. I would recommend her very highly.


Piper's Mother

At the recommendation of our agent, Dana worked with my daughter to prepare her for a movie audition recently, and after just over an hour the improvement was amazing. Dana helped her reach a place that was believable and authentic. Dana was positive and encouraging about the whole acting process, and we both enjoyed her sparkly personality. I know my daughter is in good hands with Dana in our corner! We are definitely looking forward to working more with her in the future.


iCarly, Community, Good luck Charlie

Dana is a wonderful, super fun coach who helps you find the nuances within a script that really make your character stand out. She really knows the importance in coming up with new ways to say old lines. I adore her.


Among Friends

I have to say that having Dana work with me really opened my eyes to seeing characters in more depth. She really showed me how to make unique choices that aren't so cookie-cutter. Also, she teaches by showing you examples as well. Instead of just giving you verbal suggestions/notes, she will show you what she is talking about. I also learned to take ownership of my space, and blocking, when I go into my audition. If you are looking for a coach, I would highly recommend her. Passion & talent = great coach!


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